Friday, November 19, 2010

Oldie But Goodie - ‘Kitty Cat Love’

Kitty Cat Love is one of my favorite cat designs. It was inspired by a picture of our brand new adopted kitty, ‘Bolita’ (the brown one on the left) and ‘Rex’, our Nebelung that we’ve had for a year now sharing their first meal together.

rex and bolita

I love to call this their ‘first date’! :-)

…and here is the digital stamp design that I made from this:

Meljens Designs Kitty Cat Love ONLINE 
Rex always seems to want to pounce and tackle, while Bolita is extremely shy…so she often bats at him and runs away to hide under our bed. He loves her though, as I caught him cleaning her face a few times last night. He’s such a love bug!