Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Card Share!

I wanted to send some Christmas cheer this Christmas Eve to you all! Here are some really sweet cards that were sent to me…enjoy!

By Deonna Bemish (using North Pole Critters)

by Deonna Bemish

By Robin Parker (using Rudolph and Santa’s Sleigh)

by Robin Parker

…and these two lovely cards by Darsie Bruno!

(using Bundled Little Snowboy)

by Darsie Bruno

…and this cute little Valentine’s card using Penguin’s Little Letter!
Some love to keep you warm in the chilly holidays. :-)

by Darsie Bruno (2)


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  1. Every card is too cute! Love the images! TFS

  2. Gorgeous cards!!! Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration and hoping you all had a gorgeous Christmas!

  3. When our children were young money was very tight and we were trying to explain that there wouldn't be a lot of gifts for Christmas and what there would be would be very simple and handmade. We were so worried....Our oldest son who was 9 piped up, "I know Mom...we're gonna have one of those MAGAZINE Christmas's - One of those Christmases like they write about in the magazines where there's not a lot of presents but we have each other and lots of love so it will be the best Christmas we ever have!" Hands Down one of my favorite Christmas Memories. He's 30 now with 3 wee ones of his own.


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