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New Release and Special No-Challenge Contest

Merry Christmas, Meljen's Fans!!

This week we are going to have a No-Challenge contest, in lieu of our regular challenge.  Instead of a challenge theme and samples, we are going to share with you our new release images for this week AND offer you a chance to win some free images - without submitting a card!

To start off, please allow me to share with you our new release images for this week!

These are so cute and so fun!  I just love how the mailboxes work their way from Christmas into wintery January and then into the Valentine theme!  And some Sticky Sweet Buns and a yummy Sweet Chocolate Bar to also get you in the mood for Valentines!  Such awesome creations from Melissa, as always!

Each of these images can be purchased right now in the Meljen's Corner at Whimsy Stamps

And, don't forget about the Dear Santa Letter freebie that you can also find at Whimsy Stamps!  Print it out so that your little ones can color it up and leave it for Santa on Friday night!  I wonder how many Meljen's letters he'll get!  :o)

Letter For Santa Coloring Page

Now, before we get to the contest, I have a few Design Team samples to share with you using our new release set.

From Cheryl

From Jessica 

Ok, now it's contest time!!

If you are interested in a chance to win 2 free images from Meljen's Designs, all you need to do is leave a comment on THIS post sharing your FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MEMORY.  We are all so excited for this chance to get to know all of you and learn more about your holidays!  At the end of the week, we will draw 3 random winners to win 2 images each!

I would like to wish you ALL a very Merry Christmas, I hope that you have a wonderful time with family and friends and that Santa treats you well!

Leave your comments here and GOOD LUCK!

Holiday Hugs, 
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  1. My father's last Christmas - he held up a coffee mug with Grumpy on it!! It is now my favorite Sunday morning coffee cup!

  2. Another gorgeous release!!! Can't wait to get my hands on these! And such gorgeous DT cards too!

    My fav Xmas memory is with my husband when we went skiing in France - just the two of us. We didn't have to do our usual last minute preparations, driving around visiting a ton of relatives and friends - it was stress-free and magical!

  3. My favourite Christmas memory - My father reads "A Visit from St. Nicholas" every Christmas Eve. If I can't get home for Christmas, he reads it over the phone to me. I have the entire poem memorized. My first year in my own apartment, I invited my family and some close friends that didn't have relatives in Canada for dinner. Dad read the story while I mouthed it under my breath. My friends couldn't believe I could recite the whole thing. They took the book and would pick a line at random. My siblings and I would then recite the next line. When they couldn't stump us, we would then recite the line prior to the line read out. We challenged each other until someone made a mistake. It was hilarious.

  4. Leaving Santa's footprints for my daughter to find christmas morning. Her little face was a picture x

  5. thanks for the fab challenges and gorgeous images this year
    my fave xmas memory was the very last christmas both my parents where alive,they had all the family round at their house for xmas lunch there was 17 of us in all!!!
    we all sat round tables and chairs that didnt match i think i was sat on a bathroom stool!!
    it was the best christmas get together ever.we played daft old fashioned games and had a sing song
    a lovely memory of family members who have now sadly gone
    have a great xmas and new year all of you
    see you in 2011

  6. One of my favorite Christmas memories is when my DB and I went to the mall together Dec 23 each with $200 to shop for each other. We started in the Food Court and both went our separate ways to shop for one another for 2 hours. We met back at the car 2 hours later trying to hide the bags! Once we got home, we each went into different rooms to wrap and met back at the Christmas tree to put the gifts underneath. Christmas Day was so much fun because we got to open the mystery gifts and laugh again at the fun we had at the mall! Merry Christmas!!

  7. Hi all

    Can I just say what fantastic images. Also some fantastic inspiration form the team.
    My favourite Christmas memory - well there are so many but recently it involves my children, watching their faces when they open their presents and watching them sitting nicely!!!! around the dining table eating Christmas dinner.
    A very old memory is waking up in the morning when I was about 7 to find a pillow case full of toys and running in to Mum and Dad to bounce on their bed and tell them what I have got!!!!! Not sure they were happy to be woken up like that though.

    Happy Christmas to you all

    Hugs Ali x

  8. My favorite Christmas memory, is from last year, when my DH was able to be home with us. He had missed the last two year, it was so nice to finally have everyone together. My BFF's husband was also just home from a deployment, so a big group of family and friends was amazing.

  9. Love the new release. One of my fave Christmas memories is the year my husband surprised me with a long string of pearls....made me cry ...I had no idea that he had bought them. They were so beautiful....a present with so much love. I treasure this gift.

  10. My best christmas memory is of course giving everyone the gifts I bought for them and seeing their faces when they unwrap them.
    Happy holidays!


  11. One of the things I loved best about Christmas was that every year I would get a new colouring book and one of those huge packs of felt tipped pens. I would have to put them in order, lightest to darkest and would let my Mum pick the best picture in the colouring book and would colour that in 1st.

    Nothing much has changed, I got the new set of Promarker colours last year off my hubby and this year I have got all my missing colours. I am a very happy bunny indeed :)

    Hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year. Thank you so much for all the freebies you give us and your great challenges.

  12. My favorite Christmas memory was when I was about 11 my horse had died. I wanted a horse stuffy so bad but was told no... Christmas morning I got it from my dad, I loved that stuffy!

  13. My most vivid memory is when I was about dad was in the Army, we were in Germany. My (and my sister's) bedroom was by the front door. I woke up in the middle of the night and sworn (still do!) that I saw Santa's boots outside our closed door. "He's here" was all I could think of. :) awww
    Unfortunately Santa forgot to fill our stockings that year as they were behind the curtains (guess he didn't remember that! LOL)
    Happy Holidays everyone

  14. What a fabulous card,I love the image! My favourite Christmas memory is going into my daughters room when she was too excited to sleep on Christmas eve,I was telling her that Santa would be flying over soon to check if all the children were asleep and by chance the wind blew moving the windchime in the garden,her face was a picture,she thought she'd heard sleigh bells and soon settled down to sleep!
    Have a wonderful Christmas,Julie.x

  15. What a beautiful way to celebrate the new images....sharing a memory. fondest memory at Christmas growing up would have to be how after we finished opening up all the presents Christmas morning, my dad would always initiate a wrapping paper fight. We would try to stuff the most wrapping paper into each other's clothes and the one who got tired first, was the loser. It was so much fun, we would laugh until we cried. My dad has since passed (when I was 13 yrs old), so I try to pass this to my children every Christmas morning. Thanks for opening the door to my memory box! Happy Holidays to all of you!

  16. Merry Christmas! I just love the DT samples for the new release! Yummy stuff!
    My fave memory as a child was when I was around 7 and Santa had left me the most perfect baby doll that had a little twig of hair on her head. She was my favorite doll of all time...I still have her in my Hope Chest!
    My fave adult memory is my DD's first Christmas. She was born in November and was still a tiny little thing at Christmas. We felt so very blessed that year and ever year since!
    Again, Merry Christmas to everyone!
    Scrappy Love,

  17. My favorite Christmas memory is one of my niece when she was only two years old - To experience the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child is an unexplainable thing. She's eight years old now and loves Christmas all the same, but I will always cherish the innocence and joy of that special Christmas!

    Happy Holidays!

  18. My favorite Christmas memory is the year that are "tree" was a houseplant that we had strung lights on and the children surrounded it and sang "O Christmas Bush."

    Merry Christmas

  19. Wow, that's a hard one... I guess my favorite memory is that when I was growing up we lived about 4 hours away from both Grandparents, and we always went the 4 hours to their houses to be with them on Christmas (started with one, then went to the other's house later in the day, then got home around midnight). SO, we always celebrated our family Christmas on or around the 18th. We would open the stockings at 6 in the morning, then open presents after supper when my Dad got home from work. :) In later years we had two dear friends join us every December 18th for presents. It was a very special time for me, and I miss the time we had with those friends and the early Christmas. :) That's not to say that I don't enjoy having Christmas on Christmas now that we live only a few minutes away from the Grandparents, but still it is a fond memory. :) The release looks great!!! :) Love the cinnamon sticky buns!! :D

  20. My favourite xmas moment to cherish is every year when I put the huge tree... the whole family comes to help decorate it after I get the branches and the lights on it. We listen to xmas music, watch a xmas movie, eat supper together, the boys go off later to play hockey and the grandkids have a sleepover with us. It is the most special time spent with family together before xmas is here.
    Happy Holiday everyone and see you in the New Year.

  21. love all your releases and my favorite christmas memory is opening up my my little pony twin sheet set when i was little girl.

  22. Thanks for a great year!
    My favorite Christmas memory is when my children search the Christmas tree for the Pickle. They get a special gift for finding it. It really makes them feel special when one of them finds it.
    Your digi stamps are AWESOME!!

  23. I love the new images and the DT cards are gorgeous x

    My fave Xmas memory is from 2 years ago when my husband and I were frantically wrapping presents on Xmas Eve night and had loads of paper leftover so we decided to paper over the doorway to our living room, the kids faces were a picture! We meant to do the same again last year but completely forgot, I have remembered this year so hope to do it again. Thank you for the chance to win the candy and hope you have a fabulous Christmas xxx

  24. Another amazing release. I have so many favorite Christmas memories... one of them is my kids every Christmas eve insist on setting out cookies and milk for Santa, carrots for the reindeer and candy canes for the elves along with a note thanking him and telling him they hope that he enjoys the cookies and milk.

  25. I LOVE the new release!!! Absolutely adorable and those cinnabons look good enough to eat! I think my favorite Christmas memory is baking with my grandmother. She used to make rugalah every Christmas and every time I see them, I think of her with flour all over the place and how special she used to make the holidays.

  26. Best Christmas memory?
    My brother not letting me play with his new chemistry set, then he went under the table with it, there was a huge bang, and out he came....covered in green glub! HoHoHo x

  27. Oh, I just loved reading all these Christmas memories, thanks for sharing. Loved the one of the wrapping paper being stuffed into others clothing. LOL. I don't have any one favorite Christmas memory, they all are special.

  28. My favorite Christmas memory is actually a ritual my brothers and I did every year. We peeked at all our gifts every year when my parents weren't around.

    It sounds silly that would be my favorite memory but we all live so far away from each other now that I would give anything to share moments like that with them again.

  29. One of my favorite Christmas memories was when I was about 7 or 8. I wanted a pair of roller skates SOOOOO bad, and I got them Christmas morning. They were white with red laces. I put them on and spent the next few hours skating up and down the driveway. I remember making a couple of yarn pom-poms to put on them. Good times....Thanks for the chance.

  30. My favorite memory are from when I was little, when all the realtives from both my fathers side and my mums side were together for christmas and filled up my grandmas place... that was so much fun and Santa came, I still belived in him then... so that was a wonderful christmas! =)

    Hugs, Elenor

  31. Great New Releases and the cards from the DT are amazing as usual.

    One of most recent memories of Christmas is seeing my children's faces light up as they saw the snow prints from Santas sleigh and his foot prints to the front door. It was 38c that day in Perth, we never get snow but the kids thought it was amazing! I had secretly made up some fake snow for my little escapade!

  32. Well I don't celebrate Christmas and never have...but I do have a memory from somethig special that happened on a Christmas holiday weekend! When I was 13 I went to my first formal dance! My mom had made me the *perfect* dress and I had new shoes and it was a wonderful time!!!

  33. My favorite was when we were young and my older sister took us out for a drive Christmas Eve. That's when we celebrate so we had to get out of the house so Mom and Dad could do their thing. Well... she was new to driving and took us to the lake and parked where we could look over at the pretty scenery. That's good, but then she didn't put the car in reverse, but went forward!! ACK!!!!! Scary at the time, but now we all laugh about it. :) Merry Christmas to all of you!!

  34. Instead of a favorite Christmas memory, I'm going to share a favorite Christmas tradition that brings fond memories. Each Christmas when we open presents, we take turns by starting with the youngest and then progessing by age. I love this tradition as it allows me to view everyone opening their gifts from me and that is my favorite thing about giving gifts. I still haven't gotten used to my husband's familys method of just everyone digging into the presents. I don't get to see but a few gifts opened that way.

  35. What great new designs -- my favorite memory as a kid is probably making tons of diff style cookies with my grandmother. As an adult it is just seeing the joy on my kids faces as they come downstairs to see that Santa has come and left the stockings full on Christmas morning.

  36. I just love those mailboxes they are really cute!!

    My favourite Christmas memory is of my whole family and me staying up very late playing board games and getting very silly. My Dad was hilarious as he just had to win and if he didn't he would always say something like he would have won on the next turn or if he had done this or that he would have been out. It was so funny!!

    Have a great Christmas Everyone!!

  37. Hi Dee,
    These images are absolutely fabulous. I love the mailboxes. So cute. Thank you for the chance to win.
    Now, for my favourite Christmas memory. This is quite hard, because there are so many, but when I was a child, I enjoyed waking up ealy, go in the living room, and then try to guess what was in each parcel before I unwrapped them. So much fun, and anticipation. And then I would play all day on the carpet by the fireplace with my new toys. These are good memories.
    Merry Christmas,
    Laetitia xx

  38. Love the new releases, my favorite is the mailed with love.
    My favorite Christmas memory was when I was 8 years old. I wanted one of those barbie heads that you played hairdresser on. Its the first year I remember getting exactly what I wanted and it was my favorite gift of my childhood.

  39. Beautiful release this week. I love the boxes! One of my favorite memories from the holidays is from when I was home visiting my parents after my first child was born. She was sleeping and I was visiting at the fire with my father when there was a knock at the door. It was late, around 8pm, and it was snowing outside. At the door were carolers going through the neighborhood and singing house to house. It was a magical moment to be able listen to the that kind of a gift of others on a cold night with my father while my own child slept.

  40. These images are wonderful! My fav Christmas memory is the year I got the "Crissy" doll for Christmas. Her hair would grow when you push a button on her back. didn't exactly grow, you pushed the button and yanked hard on the pony tail LOL. Merry Christmas!

  41. I have a very bad relationship with my family, to keep it short and sweet. There was one particularly bad year that I remember spending at a friend's house, Cathy - her entire family treated me just like I was a member of their family, they even got me a ton of presents and my own stocking. That is probably my favorite Christmas memory ever because I really felt the true meaning of Christmas first hand. Merry Christmas! Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. My favourite christmas memory is when my husband turned 40 and the boys had a shirt with is picture on it. The look on his face was priceless. Later that day all our friends came for a suprise meal.

  43. Hi there. Merry Christmas to you and your DT's and all the families! Thanks for the opportunity to win. My fav Christmas memory was the year I got the "Crissy" doll ..her hair grew if you pushed a button on her back and then..yanked her ponytail! LOL Long way from PS3!


  44. My favorite christmas memory is the whole family gathering at Grandma's house and grandpa dressing up as santa.

  45. Another great release.Merry Christmas to you all.The DT cards are fab too....
    My fav Christmas memory is the time i got roller skates that strapped on to your shoes , i fell over soooo funny ,spent the next 6 weeks in a cast lol... hugs j xx

  46. Every christmas from my childhood, and every christmas spent with my mum before she died. :)
    Beautiful memories.

    I love these new images - they are gorgeous, and look so tempting to colour!



  47. Wow, how cute are these images!! Great job! My favorite Christmas memory was going to Big Bear with my family and 2brothers and 2 sisters and their whole families!! Oh yeah, my mom too and her husband! Needless to say, there were a lot of us!! But being in a huge cabin, snow all around us, tons of food and goodies and watching the kids have a blast.....I don't think i will ever have a better christmas!!
    Happy Holidays!!

  48. My favorite memories are from my childhood, because together with Christmas we celebrated my grandma's birthday too and we gather the whole family, all the relatives and made big parties to celbrate Jesus and grandma... then when grandma was gone and all my cousins were getting married we stoped these big family reunions for Christmas. I really treasured them in my heart!!!


  49. What fabulous new images and cards! I've already purchased the mailboxes!

    My favorite memory is of my dad coming down the stairs for Christmas. We couldn't open presents until he was downstairs sitting in his chair, and he would always take his sweet time. He would need to make coffee, go to the bathroom, put on his shoes. We would be dancing at our bedroom doorways, ready to get to that tree!! I miss him so!

  50. wow gorgeous new releases!! and love the sample cards!.
    My fav xmas memory is when i was little (i have three sisters),we used to go to bed on xmas eve then at ten to midnight my dad used to ring a bell and shout "HO HO HO".
    We used to scream cos santa was here!!! then mum used to shout up "he's been".
    We where allowed up to open our gifts!! i kept up the tradition with my own four children.What great memories!

  51. Love the stamps, so cute! My favorite Christmas memory is when we had Christmas at the cabin when my son was 6 months old. It was cold, very cold, but we were all happy and warm for the weekend. No running water, a fire constantly burning, very nice!

  52. My favorite Christmas memory is the unique sound my grandparents front door made when they opened it to welcome us. And my grandma acting surprised and delighted to see us and exclaiming, "WELL, hug my neck!!" Their tree was always beautiful and they always had ribbon candy.

  53. My favorite Christmas memory was about 8 years ago, when I was pregnant of our boy twins. We bought a music box with a snowman in a glass sphere with snow in it. We played that music box a lot for our unborn babies and now they are 7 years old, they still like it :-)
    Hugs Ingrid

  54. This is a hard question! There are so many wonderful memories. There was one christmas when I was about 8. My family had nothin, no $$$, no tree, nadda. Christmas eve there was a knock on the door, when we opened it there was a car driving away and two boxes on the porch. We lived way out in the country in a little trailer in the woods so they had to come a long way to find us! One box held food for a christmas dinner. The other had packages for my sister and I for christmas. I clearly remember those jammies and the candyland game still to this day. We were okay with not having anything that's how it was growing up but somebody else wanted to do something special and that meant the world. Still to this day I do something extra for someone I know has nothing at christmas. Whether I pay a bill, send food, or buy packages I know that I'm giving back to that little angel that thought of my sister and I at christmas! Happy holidays!

  55. My best christmas memory is this christmas, celebrating it with my husband and 2 little boys Randy (4) and Duncan (2). The boys singing at the christmas tree en being together playing memory
    Love the new digi's ! HUgs Joyce

  56. One of my fav x-mas memories is watching Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation with my family and drinking mom's homemade hot chocolate! YUM!

  57. What fun new images and the DT did a great job.

    My favorite Christmas memory is when I was about 10 we were with my dad and soon to be step mom at her trailer and waiting for Santa to come. We were in the back bedroom playing games and we heard a loud BANG on the roof, I nearly jumped through to meet the reindeer personally. It was so funny.

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  58. my favourite was my first proper christmas when in my early 30s, as a child my father had always been away on duty as a policman, in my first marriage i had married a fireman, who had always been on duty too, 2nd marriage, yay success and a proper family christmas with our both of our families 19 people all together at out home. These days it's just us two, both our families live all over the world, so it's a busy day on the telephone.

  59. My favorite Christmas memory will always be going to Grandma's after the early Christmas Eve service, and chowing down on some home baked goodies! That tradtion has now ended since my dad is gone, but my memories are still with me...

  60. such cute images! My favorite Christmas memory is hanging socks for Santa to fill. We were 7 siblings and Mom and Dad couldn't afford much so we didn't have real stockings; we would hang our everyday socks for Santa to fill!

  61. My favourite Christmas memory is spending summer holidays at the beach in the caravan. We went every year when I was a child - Christmas Day we woke up and found Santa left presents on the table, and because there was no space in the caravan we had to open up the pressies before we could eat breakfast :) Then we'd have a swim at the beach, and a big Christmas lunch of seafood, salad and fruit. In the afternoon we would ride our bicycles around and around the ringroad in the caravan park, visiting other campers and checking out what the other kids got for Christmas :)

  62. I so adore your images Melissa!!!

    My favourite Christmas memory is when I was young and lived at home. Every Christmas morning I would find my Christmas stocking at the end of my bed loaded with loot. My mom would wrap each item to increase the suspense. Some of my favourite things that I still treasure today came out of that stocking. Even now it's still my favourite part and I try to do the same for my daughter.

    Hugs & Happy New Year!!
    Sarah :o)

  63. My favorite memory this Christmas was my six year old grandson's comment when he gave me my present - an electronic photo keychain - and told me that it was already full of memories for me! His mom had loaded up about 60 photos of he and his 4 year old sister for me to carry with me every day! ~chris

  64. My childhood Christmas memories revolve around my Christmas at Grandma's every year, with the whole family - up to about 30 people then, but now we have a family Christmas at someone's home, with upwards of 60 (we have 4 generations attending). But my favourite memory was my Christmas living in Canada, experiencing a WHITE Christmas, and ringing home in Australia on Christmas Eve... I can still remember the call, 15 years ago!

    Hoping you all had a Merry Christmas, and wishing you all a healthy and Happy New Year through 2011!
    hugs and blessings,

  65. My favorite xmas moment to cherish is every year when I decorate the xmas tree...the family comes to eat supper together (my husband cooks!), sing and dance to xmas music. It is the most special time spent with family together.

  66. I know the challenge is over, but since I am sitting here crying reading these memories, I just had to share one with you all.

    My favorite Christmas memory is from when I was a child. My mother is one of 10 children - she has a younger sister who has always had problems, everything from medical to financial. She has 3 children around the same ages as me and my siblings. For about 3 or 4 years in a row, my mom and us 3 kids (we were probably about 3, 6 and 7 when we started), would choose some of our gently used toys and clothes and wrap them all up in wrapping paper for our cousins. If we didn't, they would not have had a Christmas. Years later, we learned that they had no idea it was us - they believed Santa had brought all of those things. I still cry when I think about it... happy tears. :) I don't see these cousins very often but to this day, they bring up those Christmases every time I do. :)
    Happy New Year.


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