Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to Choose Colors When Creating a Card

The basic use of color can take your card from tame to amazing. Using a color wheel can help you choose colors that will work together in harmony. It will also allow you to add that pop of color to accent your image.
This is a color wheel. Complementary colors are a safe bet. Purple and yellow, red and green, blue and orange. They are all opposite from eachother on the color wheel and will bring out the best in eachother when placed together.
Image: Autumn Flower Mouse This is why a card done in pink and green work well together. They are complementary. To richen your card it is nice to have several different shades of the colors that you are using in your card. You can achieve this by using design paper, card stock, or in the coloring of your image.
Image: Turtle's Little Star This card works as well because of complementary colors. I chose blue and orange, which are opposite on the color wheel. I did add green as a pop of color to make sure that the tutle image became the focal point. The green is analogous, which means the color next to the color blue on the color wheel. My first point of attack is to choose two colors that are complementary and then add in a third color in my image. When you start to feel more comfortable with color theory you can choose colors that are analogous and then add in a complementary color. It is important that you take in to account the intensity of the colors used. If you choose all vibrant strong colors, your image may be overwhelmed. If you choose all soft colors your image may blend into the background. You can also try a monocromatic card, or a card of all one color with different intensties of the same color.
Image: Fuzzy Little Hamster I chose a neutral color, brown, to add to my monocromatic card. Neutral colors work with most all colors, they include black, white, grey and brown. Mixing color can take your projects to a whole new level. Take time to get familiar with the color wheel. This can be one of your best tools when trying to plan a card with pop! When you create with color you have the ability to highlight your image and any special details of your card, turning it from tame to amazing!