Friday, June 22, 2012

Getting to know more about "Lisa"

1. Favorite saying. My favorite saying is "you may stumble over a stone but, still climb a mountain". I love this quote. It reminds me that struggle is part of the journey. My failure teaches me much more than my success.

2. What is the first think you see to your right? My bulletin board. On that board are lots of things that I love and that inspire me. Pictures of my daughter and I, pictures of my dogs, and projects my daughter has made for me.

3. What do you collect, other than designer paper & card stock? I collect dog agility ribbons. I have them from when I first started competing in agility almost seven years ago. I finally boxed up Maddie and Panda's ribbons when they retired last year. Now Pearls are on display:) They remind me of the fun I had working as a team with my dogs and all our accomplishments.

4. Favorite sport and/or team to watch? I love watching women's sports. My favorite is the Phoenix Mercury WMBA basketball team. We go to many games each season. "Mighty Mercury!!!". The sport I watch the most of is volleyball. My daughter has been playing since 5th grade. She plays varsity during the fall and club volleyball the rest of the year. She is an inspiration:)

5. What is your guilty pleasure? Taking a bath, reading a book, and having a cocktail. I love being up to my neck in bubbles, reading a good book and having a drink and relaxing. My dogs love this and will try to sneak up on me to give me a kiss or stand on the side of the tub and look in to make sure I am ok. I love also to eat rice crispy treats hot from the pan. My husband makes the best ones. Super yummy!

6. Do you snack when you create? If so, what is it? I usually have my dessert when I create. I love M&M's particularly the almond ones or the dark chocolate.

7. If you were a cartoon character, who would you be? Buttercup the Power Puff Girl. She is feisty and a spit fire. I will do anything to stand up for and protect the ones I care about. Dosen't matter if it is my family, friends, my dogs, or important issues to me. I would love to have a cape and be able to fly like Buttercup. I could accomplish so much more in a day.

8. A funny/quirky/odd thing about you... It would be easier to say what is not quirky about me lol;) I am interested in learning everything. My bucket list includes riding one of those cool lawn mowers over hilly grass to cut it and learning how to cut hedges into round and square shapes. I love the smell of my corgi's feet. Smells just like Fritos. I have lots of food allergies. I cannot eat meat or animal products. I never had the chicken pox and couldn't get the vaccine because it was made out of chicken. That's some irony.

9. When you're not playing with paper, what are you doing? Training my dogs either in basic obedience, tricks, or dog agility. Pearl and I spend much time in classes, at the dog gym and competing in dog agility. It is my passion. I also spend alot of time quilting and doing machine embroidery.

10. Finish this sentence: "I love everything about..." I love everything about dogs. They give me so much love and comedic relief.

I know it's not Christmas time, however, my most favorite project I ever made with MelJen's digital stamps is this wall hanging. I used lots of dimentionals, glitter glue, and rhinestones. I had the best time making this and every year at Christmas time when I hang it on my wall, I am proud of what I created.