Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Birthday from our Guest Designer!

Who's got a birthday this month??

Patty is wishing all of you a Happy Birthday - and guest what?  Me too!  :)  Hehe!  It's not quite here yet, but my birthday is coming up soon!  I'm one of those weird people that, no matter how old I get, I still LOVE my birthday!  I look forward to it every year and I have never, ever, ever worked on my birthday!  Now that I'm not technically working, I'm a stay-at-home-Mom, I may still be doing my "job" on my birthday, but being with my family is still much more fun!  My birthday is one of my favorite days of the year and how excited was I to see this week's card from Patty!!

So, Patty, even though I know this card wasn't made for ME - I still have to say "Thank You" for bringing a birthday smile to my face a few days early!

Hugs to you all and Happy Birthday to my fellow August friends!