Saturday, September 15, 2012

Remember Gina and Nancy?


Again, I'm starting your Saturday morning with a little get to know you session here at Meljen's Designs!

This week, I've got 2 designers to introduce you to!  Both of these beautiful ladies have been guest designers with us and we are thrilled to have them as team members now!

Do you remember Gina?

Little bit about me...

I am a 28 year old stay at home wife and mommy of 3. My kids are 9, 6 and 3. My middle child was born deaf, so much of my time is spent working with her in language development. Interestingly enough when I was in Jr High I took American Sign Language as an elective. My two years of ASL "training" has helped me with my daughter immensely. I've never been a "crafty" person.. I colored in coloring books a kid, but had much more fun playing "school" or "office" over pulling out stuff to create something. When my husband was deployed to Iraq I went and spent a few nights at a friend's house and she showed my daughter how to make a bracelet. I was intrigued and a few days later I went out and bought tons of jewelry making supplies. I really loved making jewelry until......I found card making. What is very interesting to me personally is I remember going with my mom to Stampin' Up parties, but the children were always tucked away in a room to watch a movie, or sent outside to play, not allowed to touch the products. I remember watching my mom at home play with her stamping stuff and one day she just gave it all to me. Being the non-crafter I was, it just sat in my closet. I still have the box and have passed down some of those stamps to my oldest daughter who loves card making as well. I've kept most of the stamps and even some of the dried up ink pads for sentimental reasons. So I had been making jewelry for about 3 years when I came across some very beautiful cards. I thought "Wow! How beautiful!" I was pregnant with my 3rd and decided I was ready to venture off into card making. BOY!!! Did I have a lot to learn! I thought it was as simple as stamping the image, coloring and you're done. I let it go for a while, but a little over a year ago I got really serious about it. Now, 110 Copics, 72 prismacolor pencils, 3,000 sheets of paper and at least 150 rubber stamps later....I have a CRAFT ROOM!! I laugh at this. Me, the non-crafter, has a craft room. In addition to my crafting I've also become a BeachBody Coach. I am about 85 lbs overweight (I've lost 15lbs so far) and have been very unhappy with myself. I am on a journey to change my lifestyle and help others change theirs too. I decided that I am no longer "working out" .. I am "training". Training to be in the best shape of my life!! As long as I can "push play" everyday and create afterwards, I am one happy mama! :)

Here's an adorable card from Gina, just in time for Halloween!
Using Cat-O-Lantern


"I'm the wife of a wonderful husband, mom to 2 grown daughters and grandma to 3 of the cutest kids you've ever seen. I live in a small city in SW Ontario, Canada. I have always loved crafting, especially card making."

Here is a bright happy summer card from Nancy
Using Yummy Popsicle

Nancy actually joined our team just a little before our call went out for new designers, but I wanted to make sure that she gets a proper introduction as well!

See you again next week!